The Marriage Proposal

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When you finally decide to propose an engagement, you probably haven’t thought too much about the diamond, what to say or even about how to propose.  The marriage proposal, however, can usually be completed simply with “Will you marry me?”

In many ways, how you deliver a marriage proposal is the most important part of the experience.  You can return an engagement ring back to the shop and get it resized or to change the setting, but you can’t take back your marriage proposal. Speaking of which, if you need to buy an engagement ring, check out this diamond ring selection guide where you can apply it in an easy step by step fashion.

Fortunately, your girlfriend won’t hold it against you if you screw up the lines and you will both have fond memories of how you proposed.  Marriage proposals are also easier very memorable if a funny mistake was made, so don’t stress about it too much!

Best Marriage Proposal Ideas are a Surprise

Every woman loves a surprise and when you propose to your girlfriend, it should be the biggest.  If you have already talked about getting married in your relationship, it doesn’t mean you should just plan a trip with her somewhere and propose.  Try to keep her guessing and add some mystery to it.

I am not suggesting you propose an engagement to your new girlfriend after a few months. That definitely wouldn’t be the norm.  Although there is always the possibility that both of you fell in love at first sight, it is probably unlikely she would say yes and I wouldn’t dare do that.  There are also certain rules to follow before proposing marriage that you should check out.

For all the regular couples that have been in relationships for 5+ years and are expected to marry, there are still many ways to create mystery, excitement and surprise when deciding between your engagement proposal ideas.

Engagement Proposal – Take Notes

Marriage Proposal Notes

You don’t necessarily have to write an entire speech, but try to jot down a few key things and what you want to say at this moment.  Tell her how she makes you feel and why you want her to be your wife.  You may not remember everything you would like to say, but preparation will lead to confidence and a smooth delivery.  If you are really stuck for words or ideas, I found this collection of marriage proposal stories helpful.


Timing as with many things is everything.  I had difficulties in getting it right myself (you can read about myengagement story here).

Many friends have told me how they had planned a trip, waited for the sun to set or rise and then popped the question.  Some have succeeded where others have failed.  If you miss an opportunity, be patient and wait for another chance to propose.

I had a friend surprise her fiancée by sneaking a diamond past customs in France and then getting her all the way up the Eiffel Tower before deciding there were too many people and then later proposing at the Louvre.  If it doesn’t feel right, wait.  The main thing is to gather up the courage and take control right moment.

Propose on One Knee

Be a gentlemen and get down on one knee.  I have only done it once it my life and I can tell you it felt right and it is just like in the movies! (my fiancée remembers it as me down on two knees, like begging, I don’t believe her).