The Basics of Organizing a Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party is meant to serve as a breathing pause, from all of the preparation which must be made prior to a hassle and worry-free wedding. It also gives the soon-to-be-wed girl friend the opportunity to put her feet up and do away with current preoccupations with carefree abandon. This does not mean that planning a bachelorette party is an easy task.

Depending on the scale of the party and the number of people involved, the party could be anything from an intimate dinner among a tight circle of girlfriends, to a fully-organized family get-together which attempts to rival that of the wedding reception. Nevertheless, planning and preparation are still essential measures for the smooth ushering of a girl friend from an eligible bachelorette to a blushing bride.

Since the bride is too preoccupied with the wedding preparations, the task of putting together the pieces of the party is on the maid of honor’s charge. It is more advisable to prepare for the event as early as possible, as there are quite a significant number of things to attend to; and they can be physically and mentally taxing, especially when you consider that the party is set on a date which is as close to the wedding day as possible. Among other things, the set date, location, guest list, and the theme of the party should be satisfactorily accounted for.

The set date should consider the schedules of the invited guests, but primarily that of the couple, as they are the ones who are probably more stressed out than the others. The date should give them time to unwind, and give them renewed energy for the wedding ceremonies, and the following reception.

The location should consider the theme selected for the party. For this detail the organizer should consult the couple or the immediate family for a more favorable consensus. Theme varieties are plenty, and ideas can be adapted on from the internet. Be sure that the theme perfectly complements the couple’s combined personality; it should be able to effectively suggest the couple’s union.

The location may be a diner, a public park, a yacht, by the bay, or at a forest clearing. The theme usually dictates the venue, but it must be big enough to provide ample elbow room for all the guests. The venue should maintain a steady balance between intimacy and casualty.

Though trivial things such as trash bags, scissors, and a roll of tweed may at first be unnecessary, they are indispensable at the day of the party. Other necessary sundries include a copy of the guest list, a bottle of aspirin, and a user-friendly reference map of the venue.

Of course a party would not be complete without party games. Since ordinary parlor games just would not make the cut anymore, adapting on them with a little twist on the side breathes new life to a tired game, and a party which may be slowly dragging along. The organizer should keep a lot of games handy, in cases when the party needs an intermission pause between meals, or as gap fillers, or for unexpected awkward moments.