Forcing Bulbs in Green Weddings

plants wedding

Before I became a suburban micro-farmer I had the opportunity to work as an event planner. I became known as the go-to-person for sustainable and green weddings. I learned every trick in the book to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint while leaving a huge memory print in the heart of every bride and groom and their families.

I love all things green. Wilting flowers and greenery full of preservatives are certainly a no-no in my book. When it came to planning my cousin Lara’s wedding the green in me was also very concerned with the green in Lara’s wallet. You see; their wedding was to take place smack in the middle of the recession. Lara and I are not risk averse at all. We are both entrepreneurs driven by a sense of discovery and lovers of everything Indie. Her wedding looked like something pulled right out of Etsy.

When we moved into my suburban farm we were blessed to inherit a large greenhouse and a walk-in refrigerator. Yes! My house has a walk-in fridge. Be envious! (Granted I don’t have a walk-in closet and the bathroom fixtures are right out of This 70’s Show).

When the brainstorming began we visited the extremes considering the potential of welding metal flowers and exploring the possibility of taking the gifts of nature and using wild flowers from a nearby natural reservation as part of the décor.

On a whim of inspiration and a reckless inclination toward risk we decided to force bulbs in vintage terracotta clays. Aside from overwhelming beauty, striking colors and long shelf life in optimal display condition we saw tons of potential savings.

Forcing a flower bulb artificially exposes the bulb to climatological changes that mimic three seasons, fall, winter and spring. To do it right it is important to understand how much cold exposure and spring-like conditions exposure are needed to make it happen. It is also important to plant many extras on consecutive days to increase the likelihood of actually having gorgeous flowers at various blooming stages.