What Type of Wedding Should You Have

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Weddings are as many and varied as colors of the rainbow and personalities. You may be spending tons of time looking over social media and wedding books, trying to decide what ambience to create for the big day. If you’re feeling stumped about your next move, look no further! These tips are sure to help you decide.


You have pictured a cathedral length veil and the little white church ceremony for as long as you can remember. You’re all about romance and fancy touches. You think the wedding march is the perfect song for your walk down the aisle. If this sounds like you, then you may be a traditional type of gal.

To create your specific wedding flavor, book a nice church, with a white outdoor tent or a country club for the reception. Roses are the flower of love, so lots of them – specifically white or pink, are perfect for your event.

Find a dress that is simple and chic, one with clean lines and a pair of heels will lend a timeless look. Colors for a traditional wedding can range from ivory to yellow, pink or red. As long as you don’t go with neon hues, you can make it work. Think soft, subtle elegance to achieve the ultimate traditional wedding day.

Sparkle and Shine

You love glitter, glamour, and are obsessed with silvers and golds. You actually own a disco ball, and as for your heels – the higher the better! If you’re a sparkling kind of girl, this is your type of party!

Go for black, silver, gold and sequins. Pick one focal color that really stands out to use at the wedding. You can get crazy with this, as long as your other colors are neutral. Go for balloons, fancy champagne, and glam linens. Pick something sophisticated for your venue, such as a museum or a nice hotel.

Remember there is a line between glamorous and tacky – find it! Your guests will definitely be the kind who want to groove, so make sure there’s lots of opportunities for dancing and pictures. Make it a day to remember!

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Vintage Chic

You were born in the wrong decade, love shopping thrift stores, and can’t get enough of The Beatles. You long for simpler times and appreciate life. If you’re a girl who loves bygone eras, this type of event will be the perfect fit!
Pick your theme based upon what decade you are most fond of. If it’s the twenties, go for dramatic black and gold with a big band.

If the fifties are your thing, opt for a shorter wedding dress and get ready to do the sock hop. Get creative by involving favorite quotes, movie lines, and playing music from that period of history.
Take this one step further, if you can, by choosing a venue that either reflects the era you love, or was built during that time. Keep in mind architecture, stories of the area, and the vibe you feel. Don’t settle for less than the best!

Green Thumb

If you’ve been working with plants for years, know the names of every flower, and are fond of the great outdoors, then a garden wedding may be right for you. Consider someplace like a botanical garden, a park, or a conservatory to celebrate your nuptials.

Color choices are abundant for this type of party, and there is one essential element that will make its presence known – flowers! Roses, carnations, daisies – whatever suits your fancy. If you want to save on the high cost for florals, use the area around you as décor, or opt for adding a lot of greens instead of blooms, which are often cheaper. One thing is certain – your event will be breathtaking!

This is a great place to start if you are not positive what direction your wedding should take. These styles can be done separately, together, or in bits and pieces. The best thing to do is make your wedding entirely your own. Do that, and your guests will have the time of their lives. And bonus – you will be thrilled that you created something so unique for this happiest of days!